Buy a Business

We currently have over $60 Million worth of inventory ranging from Medical to Manufacturing industries.

We help you locate a business to suit your needs.  Often times you may even discover an industry you had never considered in the process.


Our specialists represent your interests when emotions can run high on both ends.  We walk our buyers and sellers through every step and support you past the closing date.


The value that we bring is not only in connecting the buyer to the right business, but also ensuring that the transaction process is wrinkle-free.

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When representing a business, it’s important for us to understand the seller’s motivation in order to help alleviate our buyer’s concerns.


Once this is established, 3 years of financials are requested in order to evaluate the business and determine market value.  Unless we are satisfied with the financial snapshot of the company, we do not proceed with representation.


Our due diligence in this process ensures that we look out for our buyer’s interests, assist them in negotiations, and complete the sale in a transparent and timely manner.


How do we calculate the business income?

We go through a due diligence process where we request yearly financials, monthly and yearly revenue reports, monthly and yearly expenditure lists, and verification of monthly expenses.

How do we calculate an offer price?

An offer price is based on net or discretionary income in multiples of industry standards.

Will you assist me with preparing an offer?

Yes.  It’s our job to prepare the offer with you to your satisfaction.

Will you assist me with the due diligence process?

Yes.  We make ourselves available for any and all questions and concerns you may have during the due diligence process.

Will you assist me with financing?

We work with all chartered banks as well as private lenders if required.

Can you assist me with franchises?

With over over 20 years of experience working with franchisors we’re happy to help guide you through the process.

Will you assist me with an assignment of lease?

Yes.  We have an extensive background dealing with private and corporate landlords.

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