Sell a Business

Your business is failing you as a wealth creation vehicle if you don’t have a clear cut exit plan that rewards you for your risk.
-  T. Harv Eker                               

By some standards, a business should be built with the eventual sale in mind.  However, selling or exiting a business is an afterthought for most owners.  Planning for this day can sometimes be difficult as owners can become emotionally attached and not see the big picture clearly.


Using a certified business advisor to guide you with your exit strategy can save you from the pitfalls of navigating a sale on your own.


Evaluating your business, finding qualified buyers, confidentiality, marketing, negotiating on your behalf and closing the sale are just the tip of the iceberg.  As a business owner, your time is best spent on your business.  Let us worry about the sale process.

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We take pride in understanding both the seller’s and the buyer’s needs – from planning and evaluation to closing and follow up. Often times it can be more difficult planning the sale of a business than it is to start a business. Our professional advisors walk you through the process giving you the expertise and advice you need for peace of mind.


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What to consider when preparing for the sale of your business.

  • Understand why you’re selling your business. Buyers will want to know.
  • Don’t get attached to a specific price. Allow the market to give you the best idea on what your business is worth.
  • Prepare 2 – 3 years of accurate financials.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Selling a business takes time. Finding the right buyer and the timing of the market all come into play.
  • Think like a buyer. Understanding who your ideal buyer is and knowing what they want is key.

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