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A Message from the CEO/President, Matt Matloob

Since our inception in 2012 we have seen steady growth in our local and international reach.  We have a firm commitment based on a foundation of integrity, ethics, and professionalism to ensure that our client’s needs are met first and foremost.  Having bought and sold numerous businesses, I was often disappointed with the lack of client care my business brokers provided.  I found that they were often more concerned about their commission than my well being in the process.  When I began as a business broker, I promised to always focus on my client’s well being and concerns to help lead them diligently through the transaction.


I emigrated in 1973 and a have seen a tremendous amount of growth and prosperity in our wonderful native land of Canada. At the time, there weren’t many organizations able to help immigrants settle into Canadian life so I believed there was a great need to offer a service that would help ease the transition of relocating to a new country.


With my extensive background in business services and having owned and operated numerous businesses across North America over the past 25 years, my team and I are aware of the assistance needed by our clientele. We offer a premium, worry-free service for all of their business brokerage and relocation needs. Let us take on the worries and stresses of Business Brokerage, Real Estate, Investments and Relocation Services.  You are in good hands.

Senior Business Specialist

Matt Matloob

Matt Matloob, CEO/President, envisioned North American Relocation & Business Investments after having personally experienced the difficulties with emigrating from Canada to the United States. He recognized the need for a specialized service to help cater to the needs of the immigrating international clientele. Matt specializes in Business Brokerage services as a Certified Broker.

Vice President of Legal

Dennis Pao

Dennis Pao is a licensed barrister and solicitor with the Law Society of Upper Canada. He has practiced law for over ten years and has significant professional experience in commercial and residential real estate transactions, business transactions, estate planning and immigration matters. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Dennis was a management consultant at Accenture PLC.

Residential/Business Specialist

Marjan Heidarizadeh

Marjan is a veteran in the residential real estate industry and has now expanded her portfolio to include commercial and business brokerage services. You will find her to be very personable and can be assured that she will address all of your concerns and make sure you are professionally guided in whichever industry you may need services from.

Operations Manager

Umar Javed

Umar comes from an extensive background in Marketing, Business Development & Operations management, in the fields of Law, Real Estate, Health & Fitness, Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturing. He is well versed in online and offline marketing strategies and developing operational functions. He is responsible for directing day-to-day operations for the team.

Corporate Lawyer

Jordan Druxerman

Jordan is a corporate retail and franchise lawyer assisting his clients in all aspects of acquiring retail businesses, both franchised and independent. Jordan’s practices at Garfinkle Biderman LLP, a highly level and well-respected full service corporate law firm.

Mortgage Agent

Anna Shcherbatykh

Anna is listed on Top 50 Young Guns 2016 by Canadian Mortgage Professionals Magazine and has received a Gold Agent Status with Verico Financial with Tens of Millions in sales volume. You can be assured that you will receive the highest of level of care when addressing your financing needs.

Residential Specialist

Simon Kellu

With his veteran skills in the residential and commercial real estate industry, Simon is able to provide the dependable relocation and business brokerage services required of him. His core beliefs and convictions to the adage that the “customer comes first” helps him to easily become a champion for his valued clients.

Residential Specialist

Michael Buslovich

Coming from a Business Background, Michael has worked with different levels of business and brings 20 years of experience with him working with buyers, sellers and investors. Being licensed In Ontario and Florida as a realtor gives Michael an edge to make sure his clients maximize their real estate goals.


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